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Waukegan is a city and county seat of Lake County, Illinois. In Waukegan, the proud residents there point to their Genesee theatre that has been completely renovated to its ancient splendor. They smile with glee when they discuss it, almost feeling as if it’s an old friend that has been released from a long stay in a hospital, and is now good as new once more.

Having been instrumental in moving much of the new accouterments for the Genesee Theater, the Waukegan Movers hold their head up high when visitors are in town and see the refurbished 1,799-seat theater back to its incredibly opulent 1927 amazing magnificence.

Moving Company in Waukegan Illinois

Whether you are moving from one of the grand Waukegan homes dating to the 1850s, with their etched glass gas fixtures, solid brass bathroom fixtures and stained glass, or from one of the ever elegant Downtown lofts, you will be glad that you chose a moving company in Waukegan.

Moving companies in Waukegan have the know-how to deal with antiques as well as modern furniture, and will always make sure that your personal goods arrive in the same state as when they were loaded in their van. The diversity of Waukegan made sure that even the movers are diversely trained, dealing with the new as well as the very old treasured antiques.

Waukegan is the site of tremendous advancement in the field of historical preservation. Waukegan is in between the Mississippi river and the Rock River and it used to be the site for plentiful Fox and Sauk Indian villages. In fact the warrior named Black Hawk lived here.

The determination of the great warrior, has been passed down many times, and today those who work in Waukegan’s moving companies show a fierce determination to get the job done and get it done properly, for a man’s wealth is his reputation.

The moving companies of Waukegan understand this thinking and always strive to do their very best to please you, their clients.

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