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South Shore is the community areas in Chicago, Illinois. A predominately black neighborhood located along Chicago’s southern lakefront, it is a relatively stable and gentrifying neighborhood. It has so many wonderful attractions, that it’s difficult to choose from them all. Its recreational spots are so many and the area boasts redbrick buildings, vintage condos and newer high-rises. And all of it is combined under the intensely historic and beautiful South Shore Cultural Center. Once a high-class country club it now offers a bird sanctuary, walking trails, beach, as well as offering fitness classes for adults and kids of all ages. Of course it still offers a nine-hole golf course too.

South Shore movers make up part of this tremendously attractive neighborhood.

Moving Company in South Shore

South Shore is deemed an energetic neighborhood having a wonderful eclectic mix of service-oriented businesses, live theater, live music, restaurants, and various retailers. Of course South Shore is for living there as well.

It is interesting to note that people have been living within South Shore ever since the 18th century. This was when the area was home to the Native American Fox Tribe. It’s difficult when looking at this peaceful neighborhood to imagine it as the Fox Indian prairie it once was.

The warm people of this neighborhood are delighted to have the moving company in South Shore that they have. We are the Fox Movers company and we are very proud to be established in this lively neighborhood.

South Shore Moving Company

The entire neighborhood is warm and highly welcoming. In fact the whole of South Shore takes great pride in its socio-economic and ethnic diversity.

The neighborhood welcomes everyone whose locally warm spirit brings them here to South Shore to nourish the fire of its commercial as well as residential prosperity. Everywhere in the area can be seen people who work diligently on a day-to-day basis to ensure steadfast distinction in support of their quality-of-life.

Our South Shore moving company, Fox Movers, is proud to be a vital part of such a warm community.

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