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Printer’s Row, also known as Printing House Row, is a neighborhood located in the southern portion of the Loop community area of Chicago. This incredibly charming neighborhood was actually at one time a lively retail and industrialized site for literary organizations as well as the press. While many of the manufacturing press buildings have been rehabbed and converted into gorgeous lofts and condos, Printer’s Row has managed to hold onto its publishing ancestry through its numerous long-established bookstores as well as its yearly book fairs.

In addition to being one of Chicago’s most well known printing centers, this area’s remarkable claim to fame is the renowned Dearborn Station, a celebrated train depot. This was the arrival point for numerous immigrants. The most well known Printer’s row movers like Fox Movers also show this hard work ethic.

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Printers Row boasts many colleges and universities, and there is also the Swedish Evangelical Mission Covenant of America that today is known as Evangelical Covenant Church. The church was founded in 1891. Today, it’s a liberal arts college. They, of course, also concentrate in teaching the Christian faith. With approximately 3,100 students attending classes at this tiny parochial university, we find many students needing to move as well as some of the better-known professors.

We cherish our customers coming from all parts of Printers Row, and we as the premier moving company in Printers Row, Fox Movers encourage you to give us a try!

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Although Printers Row does not have nightlife per se, many of the college kids seem to gravitate to the Printers Row Hookah Lounge, as an alternative. There they drink coffee and sample the many flavored tobaccos. Many of the college students seem to prefer subs and lots of local delights too.

We, as a Printers Row moving company, often run into loads of college kids when we pick up our meal of the day. Although you may be aware of this, movers tend to eat a lot, as we expend untold energy doing our best for your moving needs. So if you bump into us, ask us about our monthly moving specials!

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