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Old Town is a neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois and spans across eastern parts of the community areas of Lincoln Park and the Near North Side. It has been divided into East and West Old Town. The area is filled with old history, and this is why so many have brought these incredible buildings to complete restoration. One particular landmark that was untouched by the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 is the beautiful St. Michael’s Church.

For years, Old Town movers have been moving people to this enchanting neighborhood and still continue to do so.

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Because Old Town once housed wealthy Doctors, thus the entire area is blanketed by beautiful homes sitting on mini suburban oasis that even have large yards for the children to play in. Also, there are even garages to keep all the miscellaneous items that house ownership causes. Also, there are hardly any commercial businesses in Old Town, which is one of the reasons why the neighborhood is considered so wonderful for children. Instead, the many surrounding neighborhoods have more commercial businesses that serve Old Town.

Using a local moving company in Old Town is of extreme importance for your family as we are properly licensed and insured, as Fox Movers!

Old Town Moving Company

The various homeowners, who wish to claim Old Town as their home, are drawn especially to the lovely file of superb houses that sit on well-manicured lawns. Each of these homes are roomy properties where leafy trees beautify the blocks. There is also always intricate landscaping and downright impeccable home maintenance, which provides a warm sense of community caring considered impossible to find in the characteristic big city neighbourhoods.

If you are one of the lucky residents thinking of moving into Old Town, you should know that we are the best Old Town moving company at Fox Movers.

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